New PETA Commercial Shocks Viewers

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

This brand-new commercial—which includes video footage from PETA Asia’s recently concluded investigation of fur farms in China, now the world’s largest exporter of fur—may shock some viewers, but it’s nothing compared to the shock that animals receive when they are anally electrocuted on fur farms:

“Get a Feel for Fur: Stick Your Finger in an Electrical Socket”

Another scene in the horrifying video footage shows a farm worker who repeatedly clubs a fox over the head and then flips the animal over and delivers a crushing blow to the throat. As the worker walks away, the fox—alive and in agony—begins to move her limbs slowly. Previous investigations of fur farms in China revealed that foxes and raccoon dogs were still panting and blinking their eyes as they were skinned alive.

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Posted by Ashley Fruno