PETA Ad Hits the Big Screen

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

PETA Asia has just launched our newest public service announcement (PSA) in the Philippines, and it has hit the big screen! The PSA—which features legendary leaders and personalities from different nations, including the country’s icon of democracy, former President Corazon Aquino—can be seen prior to shows at the Power Plant Mall Cinema and Eastwood Cinemas (the latter of which is located at the very pet-friendly Eastwood City in Libis).

Both theater groups offer state-of-the-art sound systems, and Eastwood Cinemas is home to the Ultra 7—the first cinema in the Philippines that boasts plush Lazy Boy seats, unlimited popcorn, and bottomless drinks as well as a modern digital 3-D theater. Power Plant compliments its high-tech sound system with active digital 3-D technology through the use of Nestri glasses, which is the first theater of its kind in the Philippines.

So if you live in Metro Manila, be sure to check out a show soon. And if you can’t catch PETA’s PSA on the big screen, check it out here and be sure to share it with friends.

Posted by Rochelle Regodon