Sia Teams Up With PETA Asia to Help Millions of Animals

Posted on by Nirali Shah

Prolific singer-songwriter Sia teamed up with PETA Asia for a haunting computer-generated public service announcement (PSA) to help millions of animals used for fashion.

Sia collaborated with PETA Asia for a riveting PSA that involves a fashion show in which animals model the body parts of people. Set to her song “Free the Animal,” the spot features a seal designer and fox models draped in human flesh and urges, “Take off your skins. Put on your humanity.”

Every year, humans cage and kill millions of animals for fashion. Foxes on fur farms in China are kept in tiny cages before being clubbed to death and even skinned alive. Geese have the feathers yanked out of their bodies for down, and cows slated to be killed for leather endure extreme crowding and confinement as well as castration, branding, tail-docking, and dehorning—all without painkillers. In Canada, seal pups are shot or have their heads bashed in, and in the U.S., Argentina, and Australia—the source of 90 percent of the world’s merino wool—sheep are cut, kicked, and punched by shearers.

The animated PSA was produced in Beijing for PETA Asia free of charge by the Chinese branch of Ogilvy & Mather. PETA Asia and its international affiliates continue to expose cruelty in the fur, leather, wool, down, and exotic-skins trades around the world.

“Cruelty-free vegan fashion is more popular than ever and reflects changing attitudes over killing animals for their skins,” says Sia. “I was happy to lend my song ‘Free the Animal’ to PETA for use in this important PSA.”

Your choices make a difference. If we all stand together, we can end the demand for animal skins in the fashion industry and stop animal suffering!