PETA’s Rescue Team Is Still Helping Animals in Manila Despite Lockdown

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Despite the lockdown, PETA’s rescue team in Manila, the Philippines, isn’t letting COVID-19 stop it from helping animals. It’s taking every precaution recommended by health authorities (including practicing social distancing, wearing gloves, and frequent hand-washing) while giving animals the attention and care they desperately need.

Since the start of COVID-19 quarantines, we’ve distributed over 900 kilos of food, feeding hundreds of dogs and cats in need!


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We’re also providing sacks of animal food to guardians who are unable to afford to feed their dogs and cats or can’t access supermarkets due to the travel restrictions.

If you live in Manila and are quarantined and unable to care for your companion animals, or if you encounter an animal in immediate physical danger or in urgent need of food or veterinary care, please text or call PETA’s emergency response line at 0999-888-7382.

If you’d like to donate to help PETA’s rescue efforts, please click here.

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