Have You Seen PETA’s ‘Tofu Never Caused a Pandemic’ Ads?

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The holidays are here, and PETA is bringing soy to the world while reminding everyone that “tofu never caused a pandemic.” Our cartoon tofu character is now wearing his holiday outfit in an ad blitz that urges everyone to go vegan.

Because Hawaii is open—with strict COVID-19 testing and quarantine guidelines—to visitors from the U.S. and Japan, PETA’s ads can be seen in the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport encouraging people to help prevent future pandemics by trying tofu for the holidays and year-round.

PETA’s billboard in the Philippines to highlights the meat industry’s link to deadly zoonotic diseases like COVID-19 and urges people to keep everybody safe this holiday season by going vegan.

The billboard, donated by Pitchworks Incorporated, can be seen here in Manila, the Philippines.

More billboards, donated by Strongmedia Advertising Solutions, will rise throughout Metro Manila in the coming weeks.

Billboards donated by Laguna have been placed all over Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We’ve also put up other adorable ads in the city to remind everyone to spay and neuter their animal companions, consider adopting a cat, and never wear clothing made from animals.


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If your wish list this year includes saving animals and protecting the planet, grab some tofu. Unlike animal flesh, this protein-packed plant food doesn’t subject animals to a miserable life of intense suffering and a knife to the throat. And it takes almost 14 times less water to produce soy milk compared to cow’s milk.

Going vegan could help prevent the next pandemic, too. While confining and killing animals has bred multiple killer diseases, including the current one, tofu is healthful and humane. Not only is tofu cheaper than meat, it’s also more versatile and jam-packed with protein. The soy powerhouse contains zero cholesterol and can lower your risk of heart disease, cancer, and many other life-threatening health issues. Plus, it won’t cause a pandemic that brings society to its knees.

Eat as if all our lives depend on it, because they do.

No animal chooses the butcher’s knife over life. Pigs would obviously rather cuddle with their babies than be slaughtered. Chickens would rather create their own social structures than be crammed together with hundreds of other suffering birds. Cows would rather raise their calves and spend time with their friends than be killed via throat-slitting.

Animals, with all their personality and emotions, deserve our respect. Human speciesism deprives them of their dignity, and we’ve seen how this can lead to devastating consequences.

Deadly outbreaks of swine flu, avian flu, SARS, AIDS, mad cow disease, hoof-and-mouth disease, and other zoonotic diseases have all stemmed from capturing or farming animals. The novel coronavirus reportedly originated in a live-animal market—but when it comes to spawning dangerous pathogens, animal markets and slaughterhouses are alike.

Eating animals is absolutely unnecessary—in fact, it’s barbaric.

Make a real difference by saving nearly 200 animals a year—simply by not eating them!