PHOTOS: ‘Zombies’ Invade Bangkok for Anti-Flesh Protest

Posted on by PETA

Zombies descended on the streets of Bangkok today, outside a KFC, during the Bangkok Vegetarian Festival to show that, like humans, all other animals are made of flesh, blood, and bones. They reminded passersby that serving up someone’s dismembered body parts isn’t appetizing—it’s ghoulish.

Over a billion of chickens, pigs and fish are killed in Thailand and across Asia for their flesh every year. Eating the corpse of a tortured, terrified victim is the stuff that horror films are made of.

In addition to causing the daily suffering of farmed animals, eating meat and other animal-derived foods has been conclusively linked to an increased risk of suffering from heart disease, strokes, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

You can help stop cruelty and improve your health by going vegan. For great tips and free recipes to help you make the transition, take the vegan pledge.