These Pigs Who Survived Deadly Floods Now Deserve Freedom

Posted on by Nirali Shah

In the wake of deadly floods in China’s Anhui province, 3,000 pigs survived the rising water levels in their pens. The remarkable efforts to rescue these animals have captured global attention. Yet even though many netizens have called for them to be spared, currently, the pigs are supposed to be sent to slaughter or to nearby farms, where they will await grim deaths.

The pigs had been trapped at the flooded farm for more than 20 hours before they were moved. Last year, 160,000 pigs died in floods in South China.

After their harrowing experience, these animals should be retired to a place where they can live freely and will never be hacked apart for bacon or hong shao rou. PETA is asking the Chinese government to allow these pigs to enjoy the rest of their natural lives in an area with open fields, grass, and mud, which would allow them to exhibit various types of natural behavior, such as socializing, foraging for food, and making nests. This would also provide the public with an opportunity to see that they are at least as intelligent, inquisitive, and varied in personality as dogs and cats.

What You Can Do

Until the Chinese government establishes sanctuaries for farmed animals, we can help save pigs, cows, chickens, and other animals used for food by going vegan.

How to Go Vegan


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