VIDEO: Rescued Chicken Celebrates Chinese New Year With Vegan Feast

Posted on by PETA

This week, PETA held a vegan luncheon in Liahona Art Space, Beijing, to celebrate the upcoming Year of the Chicken for a special guest: Cherry, a rescued chicken. Thanks are due to Cloud Kitchen for providing all the tasty food.

Cherry enjoyed a feast that included vegan burgers, pizza, cake, and more.

Cherry was saved by Xiaoli, the leader of Together for Animals in China, who saw her being thrown out on the street. Xiaoli took her home, sought veterinary care for her, and named her Cherry, after her favorite fruit. She now enjoys playing with other rescued animal friends in a spacious house with a beautiful yard.

Those who have spent time around chickens know that they’re intelligent, inquisitive animals as well as keen problem-solvers. They’re very social and like to spend their days together scratching for food, taking dust baths, roosting in trees, and lying in the sun. They have complex social structures, well-developed communication skills, and distinct personalities.

Sadly, in the meat industry, the tips of chickens’ beaks are cut off and the birds are genetically manipulated and dosed with antibiotics, which makes them grow so large so fast that many suffer from organ failure or become crippled under their own weight. After six weeks in these horrible conditions, they’re roughly thrown into cages that are stacked on the back of a truck and then shipped through all weather extremes to a slaughterhouse.

Make this Chinese New Year a happy one for all chickens:
Choose vegan meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!