Sexy ‘Cop’ Kobe Kaige Cracks Down on Fur Felons

Posted on by PETA

You might see the two-time Australian Penthouse “Pet of the Year” Kobe Kaige wearing bunny ears, but one thing you’ll never see this Maxim and FHM cover girl and Playboy model in is bunny fur—or any animal’s fur, for that matter.

Kobe Kaige

In fact, this international glamour model and music video vixen thinks that wearing fur is criminal! To prove it, she’s laying down the law in a brand new PETA anti-fur “Fashion Police” ad. In the sexy ad, Kobe poses as a very, very bad cop protecting a pair of cuddly bunnies alongside the tagline “Touch the Buns and You’re Busted. Don’t Wear Fur.”

Why is “Officer Kaige” cracking down on fur felons? A recent undercover investigation of rabbit fur farms in China and France revealed pitiful living conditions for rabbits, who are confined to tiny wire cages before they are slaughtered. In the video footage from the investigation, workers at the Chinese farm pull rabbits out of cages by their ears and shoot them in the head with handheld electrical devices—often multiple times—while the animals scream. Rabbits with cut throats can be seen twitching and shaking, with their eyes wide open, before they die.

“Fur once turned heads,” Kobe says on her Web site, but “it now turns stomachs. It is a sign of suffering and torture and, with so many fake options, is just not cool.”

As Kobe knows, good guys—and girls too!—always fake it. With so many beautiful and warm faux furs available, there’s no reason—or excuse—to kill any animals for their fur.

Want to join the “fashion police” force? Follow in Kobe’s footsteps and take our pledge to be fur-free. Click here to learn more about humane alternatives to animal skins.

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