A Spa in Egypt Is Offering “Snake Massages”, but They’re a Cruel Gimmick

Posted on by PETA

A spa in Egypt has made headlines for offering “snake massages,” in which staff place captive snakes on the bodies of paying customers, supposedly to “help reduce muscle and joint pain while improving blood circulation and releasing endorphins.”

Here’s Why “Snake Massages” Are a Cruel Gimmick

It may seem like a wacky yet harmless practice, but using snakes for a massage parlor gimmick and forcing them into situations that aren’t natural to them isn’t holistic healing—it’s cruelty.

Snakes are sentient beings who experience fear and stress. They may not display fright and discomfort in the obvious ways dogs, cats, or mice might, but they naturally shun human contact, and handling them causes these sensitive animals stress and leaves them prone to illness and injury. Being used for massages is definitely highly distressing to them.

No Captive Environment Can Compare to Snakes’ Natural Habitats

In their natural habitats, snakes warm themselves in the sun, burrow underground, swim, climb trees, and travel long distances. They’re remarkable individuals who deserve respect and compassion and who should be left alone in nature.

What You Can Do

Never pay for a snake massage or any other cheap, abusive stunt that causes animals to suffer. In addition, never buy a snake or any other animal from a pet store, market, or breeder and ask friends and family not to support this deadly industry, either.