VICTORY! Domino’s Japan Cancels Plans to Use Reindeer to Deliver Pizza

Posted on by Nirali Shah

We’re excited to announce that Domino’s Japan has canceled its cruel plans to use reindeer to deliver pizza.

The company revealed today that it will be using cruelty-free bikes made to look like reindeer instead.

A big “thank you” to our PETA Asia members and supporters who urged the pizza chain to cancel this cruel plan!

In a video released by the company last month, workers can be seen tying delivery boxes to reindeers’ backs and forcing them to haul a sleigh through severe winter weather. The holidays are a time for compassion and kindness, so we’re pleased that it has ceased its plans to exploit animals for profit.

Reindeer belong in the Arctic and subarctic regions of the world. When used as holiday “props” or tied to sleighs, they’re denied the opportunity to engage in natural behavior, such as roaming freely over vast open ranges, as they would in their native circumpolar habitat.

These beautiful animals aren’t domesticated and are easily stressed. They don’t enjoy being petted, harnessed, or forced to pull loads.

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