Suan Palm Farm Nok, Thailand’s Cruel Bird Factory

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

CockatooIn almost every corner of world, you can find horrific animal parks and appalling attractions, some of which try to fool tourists by billing themselves as “sanctuaries” or “eco-tourism” destinations. Suan Palm Farm Nok in Thailand is one such place. Behind this bird farm’s facade of environmental education and preservation lies a miserable and cruel breeding facility that seeks profit above all else, peddling exotic birds for thousands of dollars each.

The farm claims to have the mission of helping to save and protect rare and exotic birds who are threatened with extinction, but horrible conditions lie behind the scenes. They show tourists a seemingly happy and large facility where they have large cages and educational displays about the environment, but visitors have reported hidden horrors.

The breeding area houses cockatoos, macaws, toucans, and other birds crammed into tiny cages that are stacked on top of each other. The birds have no perches to stand on and are instead forced to stand on the bare wire bottoms of their cages.

Some of the birds who are being bred by Suan Palm Farm Nok can live more than 60 years, such as Australian and Indonesian cockatoos. Many of these exotic species mate for life, and in the wild, they always choose their own mates. If they are not allowed to do so, they can become very depressed and aggressive. But breeders do not allow birds to choose their own mates because they want to control the colors and patterns of the birds, which are often selling points. They force animals together whom they believe will make the most profitable offspring.

Far from being a conservation center, Suan Palm Farm Nok is a profit-seeking prison that tortures birds to make money. If you are visiting Thailand, make sure you don’t make a stop at this cruel place or at other animal parks or attractions. Animals are not ours for entertainment, and they are not ours to exploit. Never be silent!

Posted by Edwina Baier