Photos: Chained ‘Monkeys’ Protest Thailand’s Cruel Use of Monkeys for Coconut Milk

Posted on by PETA

Monkeys in Thailand are kept chained, abusively trained, and forced to climb trees to pick coconuts that are used to make coconut milk and other products that are sold around the world. That’s why chained PETA “monkeys” stood outside the Royal Thai Embassy in the Philippines today to call on the Thai ambassador to use his influence to end the use of monkey labor in Thailand’s coconut industry.

This year, PETA blew the lid off the Thai coconut industry’s use of captive monkeys. Some monkeys are reportedly illegally abducted from their families and homes when they’re just babies. The canine teeth may be pulled out of monkeys who try to defend themselves.

Chaokoh—a coconut milk brand that’s sold in stores across Asia and around the world—is among those that sell coconut products made using forced monkey labor.

Take Action for Chained, Abused Monkeys

Help monkeys by never buying Chaokoh coconut milk or the brand’s other exploitative coconut products. Make sure the coconut milk that you buy only comes from companies that don’t support forced monkey labor.