The ‘Udder’ Truth: Ditch the Dairy and Celebrate World Breast-Feeding Month!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

August is World Breast Feeding Month, a time to urge mothers to breast-feed their babies rather than giving them cow’s milk straight from the bottle.

Why drink only the finest breast milk? It comes ready-made, it needs no heating, and it’s free! Cow’s milk on the other hand, is full of plaque-building cholesterol and laced with yucky pus, and it can sometimes make babies sick.  Simply put, the diet that’s healthiest for any baby consists of his or her own mother’s milk. The breast is best!

PETA Says Milk is for Baby Cows / CC by 2.0

Their own mothers’ milk is also best for baby cows, but unfortunately, they rarely get to benefit from it. Calves born to cows used for dairy are ripped from their moms, and males are either killed outright or spend the next few months crying and terrified in a crate—all just to make veal. Females are kept alive, only to be kept perpetually pregnant in order to keep the milk quotas up, effectively reducing them to milk machines.

Ready to ditch the dairy products? Well pop that breast out and start feeding! Take our Pledge to Go Veg today!

Posted by Jason Baker