Top 10 Tuesday: Favorite Recipes

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

We couldn’t pick our all time favorite vegan recipe—that would cause a brawl in the office—but these tried and tested dishes are 10 of the top favorites! Try them all, then tell us which one is your favorite. Want more recipes? Check out these!

  1. Courtesy of PETA U.S., we bring you Peanut Butter Cream Pie. Everyone loves peanut butter (and if you don’t, you’re crazy), so this no-fail recipe truly is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser at every office bake sale, church potluck, or dinner party.
  2. Curried Winter Vegetable Soup from talk show host Rachael Ray is sure to hit the spot on a chilly winter night. The leftovers are great when reheated for lunch the next day.
  3. Oprah’s vegan stint featured everything from bean burritos to pancakes and tempeh bacon, but these Sesame Fruit-and-Nut Bars all have our vote. They’re not the food to reach for when you’re on a junk-food spree, but they’re great for packed lunches, post-gym snacks, and those mornings when you just don’t have time for pancakes.
  4. A PETA Foundation marketing coordinator suggested that we feature Epicurious’ Thai Tofu With Zucchini, Red Bell Pepper, and Lime. She said our taste buds will thank us, and they have!  
  5. It makes sense that vegan talk show host Ellen DeGeneres would have a recipe we’d all love. Her Veggie Stir Fry With Brown Rice is healthy, satisfying, and easy to make.  
  6. If you’re looking for a traditional meat-and-potatoes meal, look no further than VegNews’ Grilled Seitan Steak and Potatoes.  It’s a favorite of PETA Asia’s vice president and self-described mock-meat addict, Jason Baker.
  7. Gena’s Famous Zucchini Marinara from Choosing Raw is a personal favorite. Raw food isn’t for everyone, but I’ve managed to win over the most skeptical cooked-only foodie with this dish.
  8. Skinny Bitch‘s Shepherd’s Pie is heaven on Earth for dieters seeking comfort food. The lentils are a healthy alternative to the mock meats used in other recipes, and they still pack a protein punch.
  9. If you’re looking for a ready-in-seconds meal (OK, minutes maybe), try In a Hurry Green Curry from 101 Cookbooks. It’s flavorful but light.
  10. Broccoli Curry Udon from the Post Punk Kitchen is a great vegetarian spin on the traditional udon you’d find in Japan’s many noodle bars. It’s laden with veggies, so you can feel good about slurping it up and then licking the bowl …

Posted by Ashley Fruno