Top 10 Tuesday: Organic Vegan Cafés!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

If you’re a health buff like me and can’t get your fill of fresh, organic ingredients, you are going to love this list! There are some people at PETA who love greasier, “meatier” foods, and for them, this list probably should be titled the “Top 10 Cafés to Avoid.” But I’ve searched far and wide for the best places to get inspiring, healthy vegan fare, and these are the soy cream of the crop!

1. Ariya Organic Café, Bangkok
This lovely café serves up a smorgasbord of to-die-for delights—be sure to try out its unique pad thai (made from raw coconut strips)!

2. Post-Museum, Singapore
Boasting a menu of creative and reasonably priced Asian and Western dishes, the Post-Museum’s Food #03 cafe will surely surprise even the most die-hard vegans! Try the Dugu Burger or the laksa pesto with eggplant pasta!

3. Hanguachae, Seoul
Advertising traditional Korean food with a vegan twist, Hanguachae serves up yummy delicacies like hot kimchi-tofu stew and fried pumpkin tempura.

Taste of Life (Vegetarian Cafe) in Tel Aviv

Taste of Life’s spread of fresh ingredients

4. Taste of Life, Tel Aviv
As if Taste of Life’s menu of kosher vegan fare isn’t impressive enough in itself, the café also makes its own soy products in-house. Be sure to order its rich and creamy vegan eggplant parmesan!

5. DevaDeva Cafe, Tokyo
The next time you’re in Japan’s bustling capital, stop by the cute DevaDeva Cafe and order its vegan pizza with ruccola and soysage!

6. LockCha Tea Shop, Hong Kong
Serving up dim sum and more than 100 different kinds of superb teas, this traditional teahouse keeps things fresh by rotating its daily menu! Its jasmine sesame balls are a favorite among diners!

7. Eternal Delight, Christchurch
Featuring locally sourced ingredients, Eternal Delight makes New Zealand proud with its extensive vegan menu. But don’t skip dessert! Try its scrumptious Mousse au Chocolat Tartelette & Super Herbs-Chocolate Truffle!

8. New Green Pasture Café, Singapore
This quaint eatery serves up quirky takes on traditional Chinese vegan dishes. Try its thunder tea rice and sushi rolls (made from shredded jicama, carrot, beetroot, lettuce, and red cabbage).

9. Bliss Organic Vegan Cafe, Adelaide
Adelaide’s Bliss Organic Cafe offers a host of savory and sweet treats, including freshly made pancakes filled with the seasonal fruit of your choice!
10. Woods Macrobiotics, Kuala Lumpur
A real treat for compassionate locals and tourists alike, Woods’ mouthwatering all-vegan fare is a real standout in one of the world’s culinary capitals! Just by itself, its signature dish, the 5-Energy Yakuzen Somen Noodles, puts all other noodle shops to shame.

With so many yummy, healthy options available, it’s easier than ever to go vegan! Do the right thing for your health and for animals by taking our Pledge to Be Veg today!

Posted by Ashley Fruno