Top 10 Tuesday: Purrr-fect Cat-Care Tips!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Check out these easy ways to make sure that your kitty stays safe and happy:Mei Mei

  1. Give them fresh water.
    You don’t expect Princess to drink out of the toilet now, do you?
  2. Don’t let them outside, EVER!
    Keeping cats inside protects them from diseases like feline leukemia, feline AIDS (FIV), feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), toxoplasmosis, distemper, heartworm, and rabies. Many outdoor cats sustain injuries from cars and other animals as well.
  3. Tag ’em up!
    Be sure to equip your feline friends with proper ID—in case they do accidentally get outside! We recommend micro-chipping or an ear tattoo and a collar with ID tags.
  4. Get regular vet check-ups.
    Maintain your cat’s health by paying a visit to the local veterinarian every six months. Vaccination and prevention will keep you and your cat fun and healthy!
  5. Provide privacy.
    Cats are fiercely independent and need their space just like anyone else. Set up places to hide—like cardboard boxes with towels inside.
  6. Give them homemade toys.
    Bottle caps and tinfoil balls work well, as do paper bags with the handles cut off. Don’t leave them alone with string, as they can easily choke!
  7. Buy or grow catnip!
    Make sure your kitty has plenty of catnip (either loose-leaf or in toys) for some extra fun times! Having a bit of catnip around also comes in handy when you have “pests” around.
  8. Spay or neuter your cats.
    Left to her own devices, one unspayed cat and her offspring can produce countless kittens. You can help end the animal overpopulation crisis by spaying or neutering your cat.
  9. Don’t declaw.
    Declawing throws cats off balance, forcing them to learn to walk in a very different way than they’re used to, often causing irreparable and painful damage to the spine. Invest in scratching posts instead (horizontal and vertical).
  10. Clean that litterbox!
    Always make sure that your cat’s litterbox is clean and well-maintained. No one wants to poop in a dirty place!

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Got any of your own cat-care tips? Feel free to leave a comment and let us know!