Top 10 Tuesday: Ways to Keep Your Pooch Happy!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Make the rest of the week a good one for your dog by following our Top 10 Tips for Making Tails Wag.

1. Let your dog inside!

There’s no worse punishment for a dog than “solitary confinement.” Dogs are pack animals, so it’s important to let them be inside with you.

2. Scratch your dog’s belly.

Resist the urge to push Rex away while you’re watching TV and give your pooch some lovin’.PETA's Top Ten Tail-Wagging Tips

3. Provide plenty of fresh water (not yesterday’s water!) and healthy treats.

Many dogs like gnawing on raw fruits or vegetables, and you can even make your own healthy dog treats.

4. Get your dog spayed or neutered.

An unneutered or unspayed dog is more likely to be aggressive. Having your dog neutered or spayed can also prevent cancer of the reproductive organs.

5. Don’t get mad—get toys.

When your dog is bounding around the house with endless energy or barking nonstop, take time to play! Throw a ball, play tug-of-war with a knotted towel, or get a good game of chase going.

6. Get your dog a friend!

If you have the resources to care for another animal, visit your local animal shelter. Some facilities will let you bring your dog in to visit with a prospective pack member. If you can’t care for another animal, set up a play date with someone in the neighborhood.

7. Stop and smell the fire hydrants.

Don’t go for a hurried shuffle around the block—walk your dog with the leash relaxed and let him stop, sniff, and pee on everything that perks his interest.

8. Hold a dog party!

Throw a celebration for your pooch. Whether it’s a fiesta, a bark mitzvah, or a “spa” party (complete with massages, cuddles, and kisses), your friend is sure to have a ball.

9. Visit the vet for regular checkups.

Even though your dog might whine and cry, it’s important to maintain your dog’s health.

10. Let Fido sleep on your bed or couch.

Dogs like to be where you are. This simple gesture might seem like spoiling them, but it’s just a way of letting them know how much you care!