TripAdvisor Stops Selling Tickets to Animal ‘Attractions’

Posted on by Nirali Shah

TripAdvisor prohibited listing or posting reviews of blood sports such as bullfights long ago, but now, the world’s largest travel site has finally announced that it will no longer sell tickets to animal “attractions,” including elephant rides, tiger encounters, and “swim with dolphins” excursions that put wild and endangered animals as well as travelers at risk. The decision was made after months of discussions and productive meetings with PETA U.S.

Millions of travelers look to TripAdvisor for advice and recommendations—the site’s decision is good news for animals used for selfie props.

TripAdvisor sold tickets to animal “attractions” such as Thailand’s Tiger Temple, which was shut down earlier this year, when 137 tigers were seized from the premises and transferred to animal refuges across the country. The removal of the tigers comes after years of accusations of animal abuse, drugging, and illegal trafficking, along with the disappearance of three tigers last year.

Elephants will also benefit from TripAdvisor’s recognition that elephant rides involve abuse. In April, Sambo took her last breath as she collapsed and died while being forced to give a ride to tourists in Cambodia.

Just last year, two elephants both succumbed to the same fate and dropped dead in Vietnam from being overworked for the benefit of tourists. Elephants all over Southeast Asia endure the same miserable fate, as they are forced to give rides in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand—the hub of this barbaric industry.

TripAdvisor won’t endorse “swim with dolphins” attractions, either, as dolphins are denied everything that is natural and important to them and forced to swim in claustrophobic pools. They often die prematurely. Just because dolphins always look like they’re smiling does not mean that they’re actually happy and want to pose for your pictures.

TripAdvisor is also working with PETA U.S. and other partners to launch a new education portal that will help inform travelers about animal-welfare concerns and issues.

We applaud TripAdvisor on its move to stop selling tickets to animal “attractions.” We hope other travel agencies that don’t want to alienate ethical travelers follow the company’s example and stop promoting cruel animal displays. Click the button below to thank TripAdvisor!