Troops Aid Stranded Camel

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

When PETA Asia received a report of a camel who had fallen into a tank ditch surrounding Camp Dwyer in Helmand province, Afghanistan, they didn’t waste any time taking action, and neither did the troops.

PETA immediately contacted officials at the camp, who later shared details of the dramatic rescue of the camel. International Security Assistance Forces with First Battalion, Ninth Marine Regiment, and Afghan National Army soldiers with First Brigade, 215th Corps, worked overnight to assist the camel, who had to be dug out of the trench by hand. Shortly after he was released, the camel reportedly walked away into the surrounding desert area.

Camel Rescue

Camel Rescue

If you witness an animal in distress, no matter how remote, always report it, and please do what you can to alleviate the suffering of the animal.

Posted by Jason Baker