Update: PETA Helps Animals Affected by Typhoon Rai

Posted on by Fajar Zakri

The immediate crisis in Bohol has stabilized following the devastation that Typhoon Rai wreaked on the island in December. But animals there are still in tremendous need—and our friends at the Bohol Animal Rescue & Kindness (BARK) animal shelter have their hands full trying to care for all of them.

Many of the animals at BARK require specialized medical care, including Summer, who was suffering from a severe transmissible venereal tumor, a type of sexually transmitted cancer. PETA hired a veterinarian who helped source a chemotherapy drug to treat Summer and Leila, two dogs live in the community and are now completely recovered. The team also treated a severely malnourished dog named Juno and vaccinated the shelter’s 11 new rescues—including two dogs who tested positive for heartworm and were provided with medication by PETA.

When an adopted dog named Pepper disappeared from a volunteer’s home, the PETA relief team sprang into action to help BARK track her down and get her safely back to the shelter. They also spent special one-on-one time working with two dogs who had behavioral issues, taking them for daily walks and providing much-needed socialization and positive interactions to build their confidence.

And as anyone who has volunteered at a shelter knows, there is never a shortage of routine tasks and care that needs to be provided to animals. PETA’s team was happy to lighten BARK’s load by preparing treats for the animals and treating and bathing dogs who were suffering from mange, ticks, and other minor skin irritations at the shelter and in surrounding areas.

PETA will keep supporting BARK’s work—be sure to check back here for more updates on their progress.