PETA Helps Animals Affected by Typhoon Rai

Posted on by Jess Henderson

In the wake of Typhoon Rai (known in the Philippines as Typhoon Odette), PETA has been sending supplies to Bohol Animal Rescue & Kindness (BARK), which is distributing pet food on the island and rescuing animals in need of help. Another shipment of supplies from PETA will soon be sent to another rescue group in Cebu.

So far, the BARK shelter has received three shipments from PETA, including 533 kilograms of dog and cat food, bottled water, water filtration supplies, tarps, 50 kilograms of rice, human food, veterinary medication, vitamin C tablets for staff and volunteers, and a solar cell phone charger.

Our latest shipment was sent free of charge via a local airline, Cebu Pacific Air.

In 2020, a similar storm, Typhoon Ulysses, caused catastrophic devastation across the Philippines, including in an area called Dela Costa Homes in Rodriguez, Rizal, where floodwater reached as high as one-story roofs.

The PETA relief team encountered numerous dead animals who had apparently been chained up and abandoned, unable to flee the rising waters.

This is why we are urging people to include animals in their disaster-preparedness plans and never leave them behind to fend for themselves—especially not chained, penned, or restricted in any other way.