Urgent Alert: Ask Taiwan to Introduce a Dedicated Animal Protection Agency

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Cat in office chairIn September, the Legislative Yuan in Taiwan is going to review various proposals, including one that asks for the establishment of an independent animal protection agency. The future of animals in Taiwan will be determined by whether or not this proposal passes.


Currently, the Council of Agriculture oversees animal welfare issues as well as issues relating to livestock, forestry, and fishing. The animal industry has a powerful voice, and combining Taiwan’s animal protection agency with its animal industry agency leaves animals without the appropriate legal protection.

The proposals regarding the restructuring of the ministries in Taiwan includes transforming the Council of Agriculture into the Ministry of Agriculture, which would include a new unit known as the Animal Protection Division.

Taiwan has a history of leniency when it comes to seeking prosecution for animals rights violations. On the surface, it appears that animal protection will be given a more important position politically by the creation of this new unit, but the core of the division remains unchanged as neither the personnel nor the resources will be improved significantly. Therefore, there is no better time than now to introduce a vital separation of the animal protection and animal industry agencies.

Animals in Taiwan need better protection from cruelty and abuse. Please act now and voice your concerns to Taiwanese officials. Demand that a separate and independent animal protection agency be introduced so that animals can receive the necessary protection they so desperately need.

What You Can Do

Posted by Jason Baker