Urgent Alert: Tell Cairo University to STOP Animal Abuse

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Dogs at laboratory

In addition to physical suffering, animals in laboratories suffer through emotional trauma as well.

We like to think of veterinarians as the allies of animals, committed to helping them and protecting them from harm—which makes the recent news about the severe and intentional animal abuse at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Cairo University, Egypt, all the more shocking.

Videos have surfaced that show the cruel abuse of multiple animals. In preparation for experiments, dogs have been tied up, beaten, and stomped on. After the experiments were done, dogs were thrown off the third-floor balcony while still tied up. In another barbaric video, a baby donkey is anally electrocuted.

After a public outcry, the dean of the faculty issued a news release condemning the “outrageous, shameful, disgraceful act[s]” and pledging both to “punish those responsible ” and to ensure that these “acts will never happen again.” As commendable as this reaction is, it does not settle the case and is no guarantee that acts of cruelty will not occur again at the university.

Please review the following suggestions about how you can help ensure that veterinary training procedures that cause harm or result in the deaths of animals are prohibited at Cairo University. Urge the institution to adopt the kind of cruelty-free curricula that have already been implemented at many veterinary schools around the world.

How You Can Help

  • Sign and share the petition to stop animal abuse at the Veterinary College of Cairo.
  • If you are living outside Egypt, contact the Egyptian embassy in your current country and ask officials to do everything in their power to help the abused animals. You can find contact information here.
  • Join this Facebook page to stay up to date with recent developments.

Thank you in advance for taking action for animals!

Posted by PETA Asia-Pacific intern Olivia Ladinig