Vacation? Not if there’s none for animals!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

***Update – March 2016: Armani knows that the only fur flying off the shelves is faux, so we’re pleased to report that the company will now choose just fabulous faux fur and other animal-friendly materials to create a look that never harms a hair on an animal’s head.***

That’s what PETA US supporter and Vanguard Society member Anna Ware said when she heard about an anti-fur demonstration that happened to fall during her vacation in Tokyo, Japan! Anna cancelled her plans to go sight-seeing, and instead spent several days helping PETA Asia organize this anti-fur protest against designer Giorgio Armani:

Caged Ladies

Animals on fur farms never get a vacation. To cut costs, fur farmers pack animals into unbearably small cages,Caged Ladies 2 preventing them from taking more than a few steps in any direction or doing anything that is natural and important to them, such as running, swimming, making nests and finding mates. Many animals go insane under these conditions. The anguish and frustration of life in a cage leads many animals to self-mutilate, biting at their skin, tail and feet; frantically pace and turn in endless circles and even cannibalise their cagemates.

You can join Anna and PETA in the fight against fur cruelty, too, by pledging not to wear fur today!

Posted by Jason Baker