Vegan Cake! Need We Say More?

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

The highlight of my recent trip to Taiwan came in dessert form. What could be better than the appropriately named Heavenly Cake from Loving Hut in coffee, strawberry, or chocolate-mint flavors? Not much, apparently. Although Loving Hut has nearly 40 locations in Taiwan and serves up everything from soy ice cream and vegan cookies to hot pots and traditional noodle soup, this Loving Hut location was definitely my favorite. Based on cake alone, of course!

Loving Hut
No. 30, Lane 280, Guangfu S. Road
Da-an District, Taipei City
+886 (0) 2-2777-2711
+886 (0) 2-2777-2737 (fax)

No, I didn't get to eat all three by myself … although I certainly could have.

My main course: coconut and pumpkin soup with whole-wheat noodles.

The main course was unforgettable as well. I slurped up coconut pumpkin noodle soup while my dining companions sampled the Schezuan variety and munched on tofu barbeque skewers. The menu at this location also featured about 12 varieties of hot pot and several dining sets to share if you’re eating with friends. If you’re in Taiwan—or anywhere that has a Loving Hut location—I’d recommend that you head over there immediately … and hope it’s serving cake … 

Posted by Ashley Fruno