Progress! South Africa to Stop Breeding Lions for Hunting and Cub Petting

Posted on by PETA

South Africa has announced plans to stop breeding lions for hunting and cub petting. While this is great progress, the hunting of lions raised in their natural habitat will still be permitted.

How Baby Animals Suffer for Selfies

The cub-petting industry churns out baby lions and other animals, tears them away from their mothers, and charges the public large sums of money to hold them. These vulnerable infants have weak immune systems and can’t maintain their own body temperatures. Like humans, they need their mothers for nutrients, warmth, and disease protection. They’re denied that basic, vital care when kept in cages and used as photo props.

Handling by strangers puts cubs’ lives at risk. Those who do survive grow too large and dangerous for public contact within mere weeks. These animals will be caged for life in zoos, circuses, or backyards. Others will be killed.

It’s Time to Shut Down Trophy Hunting in South Africa

Trophy hunting causes animals immense suffering, threatens their populations, and harms African communities. Following an undercover investigation, PETA revealed South African President Cyril Ramaphosa’s hidden connections to and investments in the trophy hunting industry.

Trophy hunters and others who make a living selling hunting trips and accessories like to claim that they kill animals in the name of “conservation,” but there is no “conservation” in trophy hunting—only cruelty and corruption. Hunting has nothing to do with respecting wildlife and everything to do with taking sadistic pleasure in needlessly taking life.

Remember, animals are individuals who, just like humans, don’t want to be killed or have their families torn apart by trophy hunters.

What You Can Do to Help

Never visit any zoo or other tourist attraction where captive animals are exploited for profit, and demand an end to trophy hunting.

Click the button below to urge South Africa’s Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries to ban trophy hunting.