Victory! Indian Lab Retires Monkeys

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Following tons of e-mails from compassionate citizens and a nearly three-year campaign by PETA India to pressure the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to retire aging monkeys who have been subjected to cruel living conditions for many years and to improve living conditions for all the animals it uses, AIIMS has agreed to retire many of the primates and make significant improvements in the care and housing of animals at its Central Animal Facility in New Delhi.

These improvements include a cessation of all experiments on monkeys and sheep until additional improvements are made, the retiring of six monkeys, the designation of additional monkeys for rehabilitation, and the relocation of other monkeys from small barren cages in which they were typically kept alone to more spacious runs where they can live in groups.

The changes are also in line with the recommendations of the Committee for the Purpose and Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals. AIIMS has also agreed to work with PETA India to make further improvements in animal welfare, and PETA India will be pushing AIIMS to explore modern testing options that replace animals.

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Posted by Jason Baker