Victory! Sale of Cruel Steel-Jaw Traps Will Soon Be Banned!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write to Taiwan’s officials in order to urge them to ban the sale of cruel steel-jaw traps, which claim the life of many innocent animals every year. The Council of Agriculture of Taiwan has recently announced its plan to revise the law and implement a complete ban on steel-jaw traps! That means that not only will it be illegal to buy traps, it will also be illegal to possess and sell them too.

As soon as we were informed by local Taiwanese animal groups of the widespread casualties caused by the use of steel-jaw traps all over Taiwan, PETA Asia wrote to the Council of Agriculture asking it to ban the sale and manufacture of these traps and toughen enforcement to capture people who set traps to harm animals.

This victory belongs to all of you! Here’s to a more animal-friendly Taiwan!

By Agnes Tam