Victory! Taiwan Bans Steel-Jawed Traps

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Although it has long been illegal to use steel-jaw traps (also known as “leghold traps”) in Taiwan, it was formerly legal to sell them and manufacture them. People who wanted to keep away “pest” or stray animals could easily buy traps at hardware stores.

After PETA was flooded with complaints about frequent maiming and deaths of stray animals and wildlife who became caught in steel-jaw traps in various counties and cities of Taiwan, we took action. We joined forces with local animal welfare groups to pressure the government and the legislature to pass a law to ban both the sale and manufacture of the cruel traps. And last week, our efforts were rewarded!

This victory could not have been possible without the thousands of compassionate people all around the world who wrote to the Taiwanese government. To help PETA create more positive changes like this one for animals, please join PETA’s activist network. And to keep posted on everything going on at PETA, don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook.

Posted by Jason Baker