Video: Horrific Cruelty to Animals at Thai Zoo

Posted on by PETA

Thailand’s Samutprakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo is one of the worst places for animals in the world.

PETA’s latest video footage shows the deteriorating conditions of the animals at the zoo, including an extremely distressed bear who has worn the paint off a wall in his pen from repeatedly pushing himself against it. This kind of neurotic, abnormal behaviour is common among captive animals, who are denied everything that’s natural and important to them.

Other animals, including elephants and crocodiles, were forced to perform pointless stunts for human entertainment.

The animals are routinely mistreated and know little more than chains, concrete, and cages.

In 2019, a PETA video exposé of Samutprakan Zoo showed that elephants at the facility are stabbed in order to make them perform tricks, crocodiles are struck with bamboo poles, and tigers are harassed for performances and photos with tourists. Investigators found that other animals, including a young orangutan and chimpanzee, appeared frustrated and listless.

Earlier this year, the zoo forced a masked, leashed chimpanzee to ride around on a bike and spray disinfectant in an apparent attempt to capitalize on the coronavirus crisis.

Thanks to thousands of kind people who took action,, Ctrip (Asia’s biggest travel agency), and other companies have made the compassionate decision to stop selling tickets to Samutprakan Zoo. But animals being held and exploited at the hellhole tourist trap need your continued support. Please, never support animal shows or exhibits.

Click the link below to urge HopeTrip—a travel company that has ignored requests to remove Samutprakan Zoo from its itineraries—to stop promoting cruelty to animals immediately: