These Videos Prove That Animals Really, Really Don’t Want to Be Prisoners

Posted on by PETA

If there were ever any doubt that wild animals aren’t happy in captivity and long for their freedom, look no further than these videos. Whether being used as a “pet” or imprisoned to entertain gawking crowds at a zoo, these animals have had enough:

ChaCha the Chimpanzee Runs for His Life After Escaping Japanese Zoo

ChaCha risked his life for a chance at freedom, only to be returned to prison.

Chickaboo the Ostrich Yearns to Be Free

After six months of being imprisoned as a “pet,” Chickaboo made a dash for freedom down a busy highway in Malaysia. She was being returned to the farm where she had been bought, because she became “too big to handle.”

Escaped Zebra Makes a Break for It—Dies After Being Chased and Tranquilized

After an hours-long chase, a young zebra was tranquilized, causing him to fall in a lake and possibly drown. Whether he died from the tranquilizer or drowning, one thing’s clear—he wanted his freedom.

Desperate Tiger Risks Life for a Chance at Freedom

After falling from a moving truck, a frantic tiger—with a chain still around his neck—made a break for it down a highway in Qatar. Tragically, his chance at freedom was short-lived:

His desperation to be free is undeniable.

By refusing to support animal imprisonment, you can help animals get the life they deserve—like this elephant, named Sunder, who took his first bath in a pond after being rescued:


Or these rescued camels, who are enjoying their second chance at life (and love):

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