Where’s Lucy?

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Wherever Prime Minister Julia Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbott go, Lucy follows! Lucy—PETA Australia’s woolly representative—has stayed hot on the trail of past MPs, including John Howard and Kevin Rudd, to urge them to ban live export, and this year is no different!

PETA's "sheep" dogs Abbott and Gillard

Lucy made her debut last week outside the public forum held in Rooty Hill, New South Wales.

PETA's "sheep" dog Abbott and Gillard

Lucy taunts Abbott outside the final leaders' address lunch.


Why does Lucy think live export is just plain baaad? When their wool production declines, millions of Australian sheep are shipped thousands of miles to the Middle East and North Africa for slaughter. They are transported on disease-ridden, multitiered ships through all weather extremes, and many die en route from starvation, heatstroke, injuries, and disease. Those lucky enough to survive the voyage are painfully slaughtered in ways that would be illegal in Australia.

Posted by Jason Baker