Wildlife Woes—What to Do When Snakes Visit

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

SnakeLast year, snake handler Greg Shannon made headlines across Australia after he captured a 5-meter-long scrub python near the town of Ingham, Queensland. For most of us, grabbing a snake by the tail isn’t an option that comes to mind when confronted with one—nor should it be. You wouldn’t like it if someone you didn’t know picked you up by the ankles and took photos of the incident, so why would a snake?

However, Christmas season in the Southern Hemisphere brings with it warm weather and an abundance of snakes—which means you should prepare yourself now rather than later!

If you do find a snake on your property, don’t panic! Stay calm to ensure your own safety as well as the animal’s. Here are some other tips:

  • If left alone, snakes will usually go away.
  • Never try to kill or catch a snake. You will likely be unsuccessful because snakes can move very quickly, and by threatening them, you might provoke them to bite. It can also be a crime to harm or kill a snake, as they are protected by law in many countries.
  • Snakes, just like all wildlife, should be left alone when encountered and not aggravated.

Simply stand still or walk away.

We must remember that although not cute and cuddly, snakes are an essential part of ecosystems around the globe. They can be found anywhere from the backyard to the beach. But you can help keep your home snake-free by taking the following steps to make your property unappealing to them:

  • Clear away rubbish, keep gardens tidy, and cut grass low. Snakes like long grass and piles of wood in which they can hide.
  • Store wood and other building materials away from the house.
  • If you keep extra food and water bowls outside for companion animals, place them away from the house, as these can attract snakes’ prey.

After all, prevention is better than the cure, right? So rather than keeping a bottle of anti-venom handy, take our advice and stop snakes from dropping by in the first place!

Posted by Jason Baker