Zookeeper Mauled to Death by Bears at Zoo in China

Posted on by PETA

A worker at a zoo in Shanghai was mauled to death by bears in their enclosure last week. Tourists witnessed the gruesome incident from a bus.

How many more people have to be hurt or killed before we accept that wild animals don’t belong in captivity? 

Zoos in China are little different from many others around the world. No amount of time in captivity can take away animals’ natural instincts, and it isn’t surprising when they lash out as a result of being confined, deprived of everything that makes their lives worth living, and otherwise treated cruelly. This incident illustrates the profound level of stress, anxiety, and agitation that these animals experience every day of their lives.

In China, many zoos share their bears with circuses, and some even have circuses on site. PETA investigations have found that bears who are forced to perform are tethered to a wall by chains around their necks and forced to remain upright or risk choking themselves, sometimes for hours, in order to make them walk on their hind legs.


As long as we continue to treat wild animals as living exhibits, it’s only a matter of time before we’re talking about the next victim of a captive-animal attack.

PETA has documented hundreds of serious—and often deadly—incidents involving frustrated captive animals. And many more have likely been covered up by businesses that profit from selling wild-animal encounters.

Help us break this deadly cycle.

Please stay away from any facility that displays animals for humans to gawk at. Every ticket purchase directly contributes to animals’ misery.