Helpless Donkey Mauled to Death by Tigers at China Zoo

Posted on by PETA

A group of men threw a live donkey into a tiger enclosure at a Chinese zoo on Monday. The tigers mauled the terrified donkey to death. It gets worse: The men also tried to throw a goat to the tigers before they were stopped by visitors and security guards.

Warning: Graphic video

This horrific and unnecessary death was the result of a dispute between the zoo and an investor, who apparently directed the actions of the group of men. The donkey, goat, and other animals who were held in captivity at the zoo were hauled into a van by the investor and his associates to be taken away and sold. When the van was stopped by security, the men retaliated by driving to the tiger enclosure with the intention of feeding the animals to the tigers.

The scene caused many shocked posts on social media and significant concern about the effects on children of seeing a live donkey being torn to pieces.

Several other animals at the zoo have suffered preventable deaths, including two giraffes and a chimpanzee, who died because the facility didn’t provide them with any medical treatment.

Unfortunately, this zoo isn’t the only one that allows animals to suffer and die barbarically.

Visitors at a Norwegian zoo were confronted with a beheaded body of a zebra left in an enclosure to be fed to tigers. There are regular reports of mysterious deaths of animals at Indonesia’s Surabaya Zoo, otherwise known as the “zoo of death,” including a lion who was found hanging from wires used to open the door of his cage and a giraffe who died after swallowing nearly 20 kilograms of litter that had been thrown into his pen. An elephant died from neglect and skeletal bears were filmed begging visitors for food at Bandung Zoo in Indonesia. The list goes on and on.

Zoos Care About One Thing (and It’s Not the Animals)

Zoos are businesses that capitalize on breeding, buying, and selling animals. Their main priority is profit, not animal welfare.

If you care about animals, please never patronize zoos. The money spent on tickets pays for animals to be imprisoned and traded, not rescued and rehabilitated.