World Cup Coverage: United We Stand Against Fur Cruelty

Posted on by Ashley Fruno


In Johannesburg, it’s safe to say that the World Cup buzz wasn’t the most exciting thing going on today (well, for us anyway!). PETA Asia—in cooperation with Fur Free South Africa—pulled off what could be the largest body-paint PETA demo in history! Wearing nothing but the flags of the countries who participated in this year’s World Cup painted on their bodies and holding football-shaped signs (that’s soccer for Canadians, Americans, and Aussies), 32 activists bared it all in the cool winter temperatures in order to expose the cruelty of the fur industry.


The colorful protesters want World Cup attendees—and the world—to know that animals on fur farms spend their entire lives in tiny, filthy cages. Some animals are driven insane from confinement and pace endlessly in circles. Animals used for their fur are killed by electrocution, poisoning, or gassing or by having their necks broken. In China, the world’s leading fur exporter, animals on fur farms are commonly skinned alive. Millions of dogs and cats are also killed for their fur in China. This fur is often deliberately mislabeled as fur from other species before it is distributed to stores around the globe.

You don’t have to be painted to join the united opposition against the fur industry. Take a stand today by taking PETA’s Pledge to Be Fur-Free.

Posted by Jason Baker