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1. Have you applied to PETA Asia or one of our affiliates before? If so, when?
2. Have you worked at PETA Asia or one of our affiliates before? If so, when?
3. How did you hear about this position? Please be specific.
4. Why do you want to work for PETA Asia?
5. Why do you think you would excel in this position?
6. Is there a PETA Asia campaign that you feel particularly passionate about?
7. What are your opinions of our philosophy, campaigns, and tactics?
8. Please review the argument regarding euthanasia outlined here and let us know if you agree or disagree with it. Please include the reasons why you agree or disagree.
9. Take a look at the job description for this position. Referencing the specific duties, responsibilities, and qualifications, please outline what experiences and skills you have that qualify you for this position.
10. What is your desired annual salary? Please specify currency.
PETA and its affiliates offer salary that is commensurate with their status as non-profit organisations. We funnel as much of our members' valuable donations as we can into our lifesaving programs, and we keep administrative costs to a minimum.
11. What languages are you fluent in (both written and spoken)?
12. Do you have any experience with animal rights issues (campaigning, self-educating, writing, etc.)?
13. Do you have any experience contacting celebrities or communicating with the media (e.g., pitching stories, giving interviews)? Have you ever worked closely with government officials?
14. If your application is successful, are you willing and able to train at the PETA Asia campaign office in the Philippines for at least three to six months (depending on experience)?
15. Are you vegetarian or vegan?
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