Animals Killed in South Korea Urgently Need Your Help

The 2.5 million dogs who are killed for meat each year in South Korea deserve to have their plight made known to the world. Dogs used in this abusive industry are often beaten, electrocuted, or burned or their heads are smashed in—and they urgently need your help.

A petition asking the president of South Korea to ban the nation’s dog-meat industry requires 200,000 signatures in order for the government to review it and issue a public response.

Please click on the button below to sign the petition. The page is in Korean, so please follow the instructions under the button.

Once you’re on the petition page, click on the blue button with the Korean word 동의 (which means “Sign This Petition”).

Next, click on either the Facebook or the Twitter button to sign in. If you sign in using Facebook, a pop-up box will appear. Please click on “Continue as (Your Name).” If you opt to sign in via Twitter, please click on “Authorize App.”

You’ll then be directed to the petition screen. Scroll down to the box at the bottom of the page with the Korean text 동의합니다. There, you can add your own personal message. If you choose not to include a personal message, the petition will automatically add 동의합니다, which means “Signed.” When you’re done, please click on the blue button again to sign the petition.

Dog meat is mainly consumed by older generations in South Korea—younger people don’t want it. Dogs and cats are increasingly being viewed as companions and the number of households with a dog or cat has increased to one in five. Even South Korean President Moon Jae-in adopted a dog who had been rescued from a dog-meat farm. Volunteer groups work to rescue the dogs and shut down the farms.

Do More

It’s easy to point the finger at other cultures, but we must also question our own cruel habits. The thought of killing, cooking, dismembering, and eating dogs is enough to make most of us feel sick, but there’s no rational reason why that same revulsion shouldn’t arise at the thought of eating a pig or any other animal. All animals, including humans, are terrified when facing death. None of us wants to die.

If we believe that it’s cruel to kill and cook dogs, we should understand that all animals can suffer and deserve to live. So let’s do the right thing and stop killing other animals for food.