10 Ways to Make Vegan Bacon

Vegan bacon is taking the world by storm. Here are 10 recipes that prove that you can make tasty, salty, crispy, sweet, cholesterol-free “bacon” without harming any pigs. You might already have some of these ingredients in your kitchen, so what are you waiting for?

1. Coconut Bacon

This coconut bacon by Fettle Vegan tastes like the real deal minus all the cruelty.

2. Rice Paper Bacon

Follow The Edgy Veg‘s recipe to make the crispiest vegan bacon.

3. Tofu Bacon

Tofu is a popular meat alternative, and this tofu recipe makes delicious mock bacon. This recipe is foolproof and a great one to try out on your bacon-loving friends. Top tip: Press the tofu overnight to remove excess moisture.


4. Baked Carrot Bacon

The vegetable that started the vegan bacon trend—if you haven’t tried carrot bacon yet, this old favorite is not to be missed.

Baked Black Pepper #tofu and carrot bacon salad with pumpkin seeds and green olives and a tahini dressing – yeah should have taken the photo before adding the dressing. Carrot bacon post coming next week. #vegan #vegansofig #lunch

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5. Shiitake Mushroom Bacon

Let the ingenious Spork Sisters show you how to satisfy your craving for a smoky, salty treat.

6. Eggplant Bacon

The Edgy Veg‘s Candice tells us that the secret to making this recipe is the marinade.

7. Tempeh Bacon

Tempeh is a soy product originating from Indonesia. You can buy it at supermarkets or make it at home. It’s a great food to marinate, which makes it one of the best things to use to create vegan bacon.

8. Beet Bacon

You need only a few ingredients to create VeganStart‘s beautifully colored beetroot bacon.

Making brunch this weekend? Try out our smokey maple #beetbacon #recipe! VeganStart.org/beetbacon

A photo posted by VeganStart.org (@veganstartorg) on Apr 17, 2015 at 4:51pm PDT

9. Zucchini Bacon

Is there any vegetable that you can’t use to create cruelty-free bacon? Probably not! This recipe is a great way to make use of zucchini lying around in your fridge.

Let food be thy medicine. #avocado #tomato #cucumber #greens #sprouts #zucchinibacon #pinenutcheesespread #balsamic #organic #greengoodness #eatclean

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10. Seitan Bacon

Seitan trumps all mock meats, and you can easily make it at home using vital wheat gluten. This plant-based bacon recipe by The Cheeky Vegan is guaranteed to impress the most devout meat-eater.

How do #vegans get their #protein ? How about #tofuscramble with #extragarlic #mushrooms #tomato #cauliflower #greens a side of #seitanbacon and sourdough toast with @earthbalance I don’t need to wait in line for #brunch because I usually make it better #homemade #vegansofinstagram #vegansofig #rainymorning #saturdaymorning #veganbreakfast #hailseitan #plantbased #veganprotein

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