Jollibee Singapore’s Vegan Burger Wins PETA Award

Posted on by PETA

For introducing its new, 100% vegan Spicy Zero Beef Burger in its restaurants across Singapore, PETA has recognized Jollibee Singapore with a Vegan Great Taste Award!

The game-changing burger features a delicious, animal-free patty from Australian company Harvest Gourmet.

PETA has named Singapore one of the most vegan-friendly cities because it’s home to countless restaurants that offer delicious vegan meals, from vegan chicken and waffles and meat-free barbecue to dairy-free mac and cheese and a variety of veggie burgers—and now, a vegan burger at Jollibee Singapore, one of the country’s popular fast-food chains.

We hope to see the chain pack its menu with more vegan options and to see Jollibee restaurants in the Philippines, the Middle East, and the U.S. launch the Spicy Zero Beef Burger soon.

The chain states that the Spicy Zero Beef Burger patty is cooked on the same grill as meat. PETA’s general advice is not to worry too much about this. The goal of being vegan is to help animals and reduce suffering, but insisting that vegan food be cooked on separate equipment from meat doesn’t help any additional animals—it only makes restaurants less inclined to offer vegan choices (which hurts animals).

As chain restaurants continue to add more vegan options, going vegan is becoming even easier. If you haven’t already, sign our pledge to go vegan: