Easy Vegan Lunchbox Ideas

Want to pack healthy, nutritious, cruelty-free school lunches for your children but aren’t sure how to get started? Give your child’s lunchbox an edge with healthy, easy-to-prepare vegan options. They’re so tasty that your kids will want to eat their own food instead of trading it away for somebody else’s!

Lunchbox #1
Bean and green salad wrap with tomato salsa
Plain potato chips
Box of raisins
Fruit-juice box
Lunchbox #2
Bagel with tofu cream cheese and sliced tomato
Chopped carrots and celery stalks with hummus
A banana
Strawberry-flavored soya milk
Lunchbox #3
Peanut butter, strawberry, and banana quesadilla
Mix of almonds and cashew nuts
Kiwi-and-apple cookies (See tips below)
Canned veggie juice    
Lunchbox #4
Tofu dog on a whole-wheat bun with ketchup
Oreo cookies (Yes, they’re vegan!)
Sliced mango and pineapple
Fruit-juice box
Lunchbox #5
Falafel-and-hummus burger with salad
Baby carrots and diced peppers with spinach-and-artichoke dip
Dried banana-and-mango chips
Sugar-free coconut water
Vegan cookies

Vegan cookies make a great sweet treat

Lunchtime Tips

  • Use a variety of faux meats, tofu, falafel, and beans in sandwiches and wraps to keep lunches interesting and exciting.
  • Include some fresh-fruit snacks for a naturally sweet treat. Make fruit fun by using cookie cutters to create fun-shaped fruit-flavored “cookies.”
  • Make your lunchboxes environmentally friendly as well as animal-friendly by using a plastic bento box that seals in freshness and separates foods. Resist buying costly processed snacks that have more packaging than product. If possible, fill reusable plastic bottles with juice and soy milk rather than buying individual-size packages.
  • Bake vegan cookies and cakes using our Ultimate Vegan Baking Cheat Sheet.

Cruelty-free living can start at any age. Infants and children who are raised as vegans—consuming no animal products, including meat, eggs, and dairy products—can obtain all the nutrients crucial for optimal health from plant-based sources and are at less risk of becoming obese and developing food-related life-threatening medical conditions later in life.

Posted by Claire Miller