PETA’s Picks: Non-Chinese Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Beijing

It’s no secret that Chinese food is some of the most vegan-friendly cuisine around. But what if you’re craving something slightly more exotic? Not to worry! Beijing is full of restaurants where you can find everything from vegan fajitas to falafel. Here are a few of our favorites:


Biteapita 1

Biteapita 2

Biteapitta, located in Sanlitun, offers mouthwatering Middle Eastern cuisine with a huge variety of vegan options, including hummus, pita sandwiches, falafel, salads, and more. If you like spice, the chili sauce is a must-try!

Recommended: Falafel, Hummus, Baba Ganoush

Have Fun

Have Fun 1

Have Fun 2

Have Fun 3

Have Fun serves up simple and healthy mixed Western dishes such as paninis, sandwiches, and pasta in a relaxing atmosphere. Just ask for your dish to be made dairy- and egg-free, and the super-friendly staff will be happy to help you.

Recommended: Italian Roasted Vegetable Paninis, Green Curry with Thai Fragrant Rice

Ganges Indian Restaurant

Ganges 1

Ganges 2

Ganges 3

There are five Ganges locations in Beijing serving authentic Indian cuisine. The great thing about this place is that staff know what you mean when you ask for your meal to be dairy- and egg-free. The restaurants even have a vegetarian menu with more than 10 different curries to try.

Recommended: Baingan Bartha, Mushroom Tikka Masala, Saffron Rice, Garlic Naan, Vegetable Samosa Chaat

Very Siam

Very Siam 1

Very Siam 2

Very Siam 3

This Thai restaurant is extremely elegant and grand, decorated with Thai-style artwork and carvings. Here, you’ll find authentic and exquisite cuisine with many vegan options. The menu points out which dishes are vegan (or can be made vegan) as well as which are spicy. Just be sure to let your server know your preference when you order.

Recommended: Pad Thai Vegetable Rice Noodles, Deep Fried Tofu in Curry Sauce

Lime Thai Restaurant

Lime Thai 1

Lime Thai 2

Lime Thai 3

Lime Thai is the place to go for tasty Thai food that’s served with a smile. As with lots of Thai cuisine, many dishes can be made vegan, so just ask your server.

Recommended: Green Curry Vegetables, Steamed Jasmine Rice


Moko Bros 1

Have Fun 4

Have Fun 2

Have Fun 3

The trendy MOKA Bros restaurant prepares food from scratch and avoids preservatives and additives. Stop by both locations in Beijing to try the many healthy vegan dishes featuring power foods such as red rice, quinoa, antioxidant smoothies, and salads.

Recommended: Red Rice Crunch, Protein Rush

Q Mex Bar & Grill

Q Mex Bar & Grill 1

Q Mex Bar & Grill 2

Q Mex Bar & Grill 3

This Mexican restaurant offers tasty burritos, tacos, and fajitas—and all of them can be made vegan! Just look for the green leaf on the menu and ask to have the cheese and sour cream with held. After dinner, head over to the huge bar to kick back with a drink.

Recommended: Vegetarian Fajita, Wet Burrito with Salsa and Guacamole

Saveurs de Corée

Saveurs de Corée 1

Saveurs de Corée 2

Saveurs de Corée 3

There are two Saveurs de Corée hidden in Beijing’s most historic hutongs. Here, you’ll find many vegan options for all kinds of dishes, all clearly marked on the menu. Choose your spice level, from mild to regular spicy, or kick it up a notch to Korean super-spicy. The mixed vegetarian platter is cooked on a traditional in-table grill, making for a healthy and memorable meal.

Recommended: Classic Dolsot-Bibimbap, Dubu Buchim, Kimchi Jeon


Tribe 1

Tribe 2

Tribe 3

Tribe 4

This organic and healthy restaurant is super-friendly to vegans and even boasts a Monday vegan menu. Different symbols identify which items are vegan as well as which can boost your metabolism, are gluten-free, and so on. The creative and raw desserts offer a sweet way to cap off your visit.

Recommended: Gonna Get Green Tea Cold Noodles, Raw Vegan Carrot Cake, Raw Chocolate “Cheesecake”


Wagas 1

Wagas 2

With three locations and a fourth set to open soon, Wagas makes it easy to find a kind bite while you’re on the go. This popular café offers quality food and a sophisticated dining environment. Many dishes can be made vegan, and staffers will be happy to switch the salad dressing in the Veggie Box to a vegan dressing if you ask.

Recommended: The Veggie Box, Boost Juice

Vegan eating in Beijing just gets easier and easier (and more delicious)! Check back often to find out about more vegan-friendly hotspots.

Written by Szuching Chi

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