PETA Celebrates Maggie Q’s Birthday With Ad Relaunch

World-renowned actor and previous PETA Person of the Year winner Maggie Q is celebrating her birthday on 22 May, and PETA is bringing back its favourite collaborations with the star to honour her.

The campaigns include the first two ads she did for PETA, both advocating meat-free eating: Maggie wears lettuce leaves in a “Turn Over a New Leaf” ad, and a “Spice Up Your Life” ad features her on a bed of chili peppers. Her other ads with PETA expose the horrors of the fur industry: she holds a bloodied, skinned “rabbit” in an ad with the tagline “Here’s the Rest of Your Fur Trim”, and another stunning ad features her body-painted along with the tagline “Fight Climate Change With Diet Change” to promote vegan living for the planet.

“I’ve met a lot of stars throughout my career, but Maggie Q stands out amongst the top, because she’s every bit as fierce and outspoken in person as she is on screen – especially when it comes to animals,” says PETA Senior Vice President Jason Baker. “From rats to rabbits, animals of all species have benefitted from her advocacy and campaigns with PETA. Happy birthday, Maggie!”

High-resolution photos of Maggie’s PETA campaigns are available upon request.

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