Maggie Q: Fight Climate Change With Diet Change

Posted on by PETA

Actor Maggie Q is turning up the heat on the fight against climate change. We’ve watched her kick butt in films and television for years, and now Maggie wants us to join her in her most important battle against one of the largest causes of environmental destruction—the meat industry. Maggie shares with us the best and most efficient way to fight climate change: going vegan!


In her new ad for PETA, Maggie asks people to take responsibility and think about how our food choices impact the Earth, animals, and our health.

Raising animals for food damages the environment. Through overuse of resources, fossil fuel emissions, massive water and air pollution, and soil erosion—the meat and dairy industries are wreaking havoc on the Earth. In addition, billions of animals raised for food are forced to endure extremely stressful conditions. They are often crammed in tiny cages where they are unable to move, separated from their families, left in filth, and tortured, and they are inevitably murdered.

Join Maggie in taking part in the fight against climate change by pledging to go vegan today!

Posted by Jason Baker