Appalling Animal Attractions, Part 5: Bangkok’s Department Store Zoo

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

The Pata Zoo, on the sixth and seventh floors of Bangkok’s Pata department store, houses 200 animals—including tigers, leopards, and bears—in an area that’s only 800 square meters. Need more reasons to boycott this decrepit menagerie?

Cat panting

Many animals are not suited to the hot Bangkok climate and spend their days panting while frantically trying to seek out shade in their enclosures.

Monkey Reaching Cage

The monkeys at the Pata Zoo suffer sad and lonely lives. They are relegated to a cement enclosure for life, without so much as a twig (let alone a tree) to break the monotony.

Sad Monkey

The zoo also has a sad history: A fire at the zoo killed many of the animals.


Air conditioners are fine for the office, but they do nothing to replicate the arctic temperatures that penguins are suited to.

Zoochosis monkey

“Zoochosis”—when animals engage in repetitive or even self-destructive behaviors, such as pacing or bar-biting—is common at the Pata Zoo.

Sad Orang

Many primates are forced to dress up, put on makeup, and perform tricks in daily shows.

Deer Pata

These two deer are confined to a tiny enclosure that was about 1.5 meters by 3 meters, similar in size to a gestation crate.

Sad gorilla

The zoo faced public scrutiny recently when the lone gorilla was seen crying.

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Posted by Ashley Fruno