Government Orders Department Store Zoo to Move Gorilla

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

For seven years, PETA has pushed for the closure of the Pata Zoo and worked to educate the public about how patronizing the decrepit facility supports the continued confinement of the animals held there. PETA has published photos of animals languishing in barren enclosures, denied everything that is natural and important to them, and also released a hard-hitting celebrity campaign that targeted the zoo.

PETA’s investigator visited the zoo last week and documented that animals were enduring extreme boredom. Some were so broken that they did nothing but stare at the same spot on the wall of their enclosure, while others had literally been driven insane by confinement—they paced continuously or threw themselves against the side of their cages. We know the misery, loneliness, and boredom that Bua Noi the gorilla and the other animals endure every single day, so if the reports that some animals are being moved are accurate, it will be a day to celebrate. We also hope the department store will find new homes for all the animals and close the zoo for good.

orangutan at pata zoo

gorilla at pata zoo

leopard at pata zoo

chimpanzee at pata zoo

monkey at pata zoo

penguin at pata zoo

Posted by Jason Baker