Australian Tea Companies Say ‘No!’ to Animal Testing

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Australian Tea Companies Say 'No!' to Animal Testing Several Australian tea companies are proving that they don’t support causing animals to suffer in cruel and pointless animal tests. They’ve signed PETA Australia’s statement of assurance. We know what you’re thinking: Tea is tested on animals? Well, sometimes!

Ocean Spray, Welch’s, POM Wonderful, and other beverage companies have ended animal testing after talking with PETA U.S. And recently, following more than two years of in-depth discussions with PETA U.S., Japan-based ITO EN, Ltd.—the world’s largest green-tea manufacturer—adopted a landmark policy against conducting or funding any more laboratory tests on animals.

Several Australian companies have followed ITO EN’s compassionate and progressive lead, and that’s something we can all raise a cup to!

The following are the kind tea companies who have given animal testing the boot:

Australian Fruit Tea Company
Daintree Tea Company
Hari Har Chai
Koala Tea Company

And here’s who hasn’t assured PETA Australia they don’t (and won’t!) test on animals:

AcuHerb, +61 (0)2-6009-5057
Bistrotea Australia, +61 (0)7-3878-4159
Blooming Tea, +61 (0)7-5571-7000
Cantarella Bros Pty Ltd (Natureland Tea), +61 (0)2-9748-0299
Eat Rite Australasia, +61 (0)3-9315-1000
Gecko Lane, +61 (0)7-4171-0928
Japanese Green Tea Australia Pty Ltd, +61 (0)2-9988-0266
Jing Tea Health Centre, +61 (0)7-3040-1230
Madura Tea Estates, +61 (0)2-6670-6000
Red Seal Natural Health, +64 (0)9-828-0036

Don’t hesitate to speak your mind to the companies on the above list and let them know that you won’t be purchasing their products until they assure PETA Australia that they will never test on animals. And, of course, don’t forget that the four compassionate companies that have signed PETA Australia’s pledge deserve a round of applause (or a thank you e-mail, whichever is easier).

Posted by Jason Baker