WATCH: Ayelet Zurer Explains the Real, Bloody Horror of Fur

Posted on by PETA

“If You Wear Fur, You’ve Got Blood on Your Hands.”

That’s the message delivered by Man of Steel and Angels & Demons star Ayelet Zurer in a striking new anti-fur PSA for PETA. Kneeling on top of a fur coat, her hands dripping with ‘blood,’ the Israeli actor reminds everyone that buying fur garments and accessories makes shoppers directly complicit in the suffering and bloody murder of countless animals—sometimes even dogs like the ones with whom we share our homes. See her new campaign now:

“What’s wrong about the industry is that millions of animals all over the world, animals that are similar to the animals we know at home, like dogs and cats, are skinned down, beaten down, in the most horrific and cruel way just for the sake of fashion. We are in 2018, and it just doesn’t make any sense that people still buy fur when they can buy the same thing made out of man-made fur that looks exactly and feels the same.”

—Ayelet Zurer

Ayelet is not alone. Following years of PETA protests, long-overdue change is hitting the fashion industry. Recently, big-name brands like Michael Kors and Gucci made the same game-changing decision that millions of compassionate people across the globe already made for themselves: to drop fur. Today, designers who’ve dropped fur include Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Giorgio Armani, who made the decision after being targeted with an unforgettable exposé video  showing the suffering witnessed on rabbit-fur farms. Listen as Ayelet explains why everyone should only buy man-made, faux furs:


Help End This Nightmare: Go Fur-Free Today!

PETA has made a major push over the years to expose the cruelty to animals who are caged, beaten, electrocuted, and even skinned alive for angoraexotic skinsfur,  leather, and wool—and it’s working. The vegan fashion market booms as more and more brands distance themselves from the cruelty of fur and other fabrics made from the dead bodies of animals.

Today, the world recognizes that being vegan isn’t only about food choices: It also includes the clothes we wear, the products we buy, and the entertainment we enjoy. One great step we can take to reduce animal suffering worldwide is to always wear vegan. If what Ayelet said spoke to you, then what are you waiting for? Pledge to go fur-free today.