Brynne Gordon Fakes It

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

PETA China Rabbit Fur Farming Investigation

Brynne Gordon doesn’t support the cruel fur industry, where animals like this cutie are kept in barren wire cages for their entire lives before being killed

While most people were still brushing their teeth or crunching down bowls of muesli, Brynne Gordon was out in full furry force—full faux-furry force, that is. After the wife of entrepreneur Geoffrey Edelsten made an appearance on Channel 7’s Sunrise program this week in a full-length fur, enquiring minds wanted to know: Did dozens of animals really die for Brynne’s jacket? The answer: NO!

We’re relieved to report that the fur was indeed faux, and as Brynne’s publicist told us, “Brynne does not endorse the wearing of real fur and is completely respectful of the work that PETA does.” We knew that someone who invited PETA-pals Pippa Black and Tottie Goldsmith to her wedding couldn’t possibly support an industry that bludgeons animals to death and sometimes even skins them alive, but we just had to check.

Want to follow Brynne’s compassionate lead? It’s as easy as pledging to be fur-free!

Posted by Jason Baker